BARF BUFFET® is an innovative concept that enables the dog owner to create his or her own complete, fresh frozen meal for his or her adult dog in a simple, nutritionally responsible way.

Our buffet consists of unprocessed raw materials, such as muscle meat, organs and bone, and gently heated fruit and vegetables (the BARF BUFFET® Veggie burger), sourced as much as possible from local suppliers. In this way, we provide the healthiest possible food in an ecologically responsible way and indirectly support local farmers.

Some owners will want to work exclusively with muscle meat, organs and bone to achieve a complete meal, and this by varying between different protein sources. Others will prefer not to use bone and add our BARF BUFFET® VitaMin to create a complete meal.

Whatever you prefer, at BARF BUFFET®, owners who enjoy cooking for their dog will be at their best.